ECCAD provides

ECCAD provides a large number of datasets at global and regional scales, and at various spatial and temporal resolutions and time periods.

Tools allow visualization, and on-line data analysis and comparison. Statistical information over geographical regions are available for each dataset. The datasets has detailed metadata and can be downloaded as interoperable NetCDF CF-compliant files.

Important : the molecular mass weight for each species is given in the Catalogue/Species page


ECCAD is the GEIA Global Emission InitiAtive data portal and is part of AERIS, the French data service for Atmosphere

ECCAD provides access to surface emissions to support projects such as :

  • GEIA (Global Emission Initiative)
  • IGAC (International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Project)
  • CAMS (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service)
  • PANDA (Air Quality Forecast in China)
  • PAPILA (Prediction of Air Pollution in Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • EDGAR (Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research)
  • HTAP (Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollutants)
  • CEDS (Community Emissions Data System)
  • GFED (Global Fire Emissions Database)

… and several datasets on regional emissions, emissions optimized by inverse modelling and different ancillary data

Papers on new emissions datasets

Several papers discussing new emissions datasets were presented at the 2018 IGAC conference in Takamatsu, Japan /

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