ECCAD is the GEIA Global Emission InitiAtive and is part of AERIS, the French data service for Atmosphere

ECCAD provides access to surface emissions to support projects such as :

  • GEIA (Global Emission Initiative)
  • IGAC (International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Project)
  • CAMS (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service)
  • PANDA (Air Quality Forecast in China)
  • PAPILA (Prediction of Air Pollution in Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • EDGAR (Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research)
  • HTAP (Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollutants)
  • CEDS (Community Emissions Data System)
  • GFED (Global Fire Emissions Database)

… and several datasets on regional emissions, emissions optimized by inverse modelling and different ancillary data