DACCIWA teasers

5 October 2020


DACCIWA v1 Data Snapshot

Teaser of the DACCIWA African Emissions Inventory. This subset includes annual emissions from each of the seven sectors (industry, transport, residential, energy, waste combustion, flaring and other sectors) for the period 1990-2015. The files are available in NetCDF4 compressed format at of 0.1×0.1 degrees resolution. Additional details on the data are provided in the README.txt file.
Citation for full dataset :
Keita, S., Liousse, C., Assamoi, E.-M., Doumbia, T., N’Datchoh, E.T., Gnamien, S., Elguindi, N., Granier, C., and Yoboué, V., African Anthropogenic Emissions Inventory for gases and particles from 1990 to 2015, ECCAD, https://doi.org/10.25326/56, 2020