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15 November 2020



CONFORM v2.1 Data Snapshot

In order to fight the spread of the global Covid-19 pandemic, most of the world countries have taken control measures such as lockdowns during a few weeks to a few months. These lockdowns have resulted in changes in economic and personal activities in many countries. Several studies using satellite or surface observations have reported significant decreases in the spatial and temporal distributions of atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gases. Model studies using global and regional chemistry-transport models have started, in order to analyze observations and to simulate the impact of these lockdowns on the distribution of atmospheric compounds. These modeling studies will also evaluate the impact of the regional lockdowns at the global scale. In order to provide input for the global and regional model simulations, a dataset providing adjustment factors (AF) that can easily be applied to global and regional emissions has been developed. This dataset provides emission AF on a daily and monthly basis starting in January 2020 for the transportation, power generation, industry, residential, public and commercial, aviation, shipping sectors, on a 0.1×0.1 latitude/longitude degree grid.
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Citation for full dataset :
Doumbia, T., C. Granier, Elguindi N., Bouarar I., Darras S., Brasseur G., Gaubert B., Liu Y., Shi X., Stavrakou J., Tilmes S., Lacey F., Deroubaix A., Wang T., The CONFORM covid-19 global emission factors, ECCAD,, 2020