CAMS-GLOB-BIO CO hourly emission H22 - Year 2000

Global Biogenic dataset updated

CAMS biogenic emissions were calculated using MEGANv2.1 (Guenther et al., 2012). MEGAN is a modeling system for estimating the net emission of gases and aerosols from terrestrial ecosystems into the atmosphere. MEGAN is a global model with a base resolution of ~ 1 km and so is suitable for regional and global models. CAMS-BIO data set is based on the ERA-Interim meteorological fields. Land cover distribution is defined by grid cell coverage with 16 plant functional types consistent with the Community Land Model (CLM4). The model calculates with Leaf Area Index (LAI) data processed from the MODIS instrument observations (Yuan et al., 2011). CAMS-BIO data are available as monthly mean emission fluxes as well as monthly averaged daily profiles of emissions.

The CAMS-GLOB-BIO v2.2 version dataset is based on the ERA5 meteorological fields. Isoprene emissions in Europe were calculated with updated emission potential (EP) values. These EP are based on detailed land cover distribution in Europe. For the rest of the world land cover distribution is defined by grid cell coverage with 16 plant functional types consistent with the Community Land Model (CLM4)

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New Dataset /Update

Volcanic emissions dataset now available

This data-set presents volcanic gas emission data from NOVAC, the global Network for Observation of Volcanic and Atmospheric Change. For each volcano, data from one or several NOVAC Scanning mini-DOAS instruments are combined with meteorological information to derive daily statistics of total SO2 emission from the volcano. The gas emission is calculated using the ScanDOAS […]



New Dataset /Update

CAMS-GLOB-ANT v4.2 and v4.2-R1.1 now available

Version v4.2 is in theory the same as v4.1 except for adding the 2020 emissions. However, due to some recoding in how the temporal profiles were applied, the annual totals are slightly different. Version v4.2-R1.1 This version is based on CAMS-GLOB-ANT v4.2 where the MEIC v1.3 emissions have been replaced in China (everywhere outside of […]


New Dataset /Update

CAMS Global and regional temporal profiles in ECCAD

The data consists of a collection of gridded monthly, weekly/daily and diurnal emission temporal profiles for the priority air pollutants (NOx, SO2, NMVOC, NH3, CO, PM10, PM2.5) and the greenhouse gases (CO 2 and CH4) and for the following anthropogenic source categories: energy industry, residential combustion, manufacturing industry, road transport and agriculture.