ECCAD paper in IGAC News – 2018-05-01

A paper describing the ECCAD database was published in IGAC News, Issue 61 in March 2018. The first version of the ECCAD database started in 2005 with the goal
of providing easy access to emission data at both the global and regional scale, for anthropogenic, biomass burning and natural emissions. When available, the emission data were provided for different sectors related to fossil fuel and biofuel consumption, industry and agricultural sources, wildfires, deforestation and savannah fires. Natural emissions were also available, including emissions from the vegetation, soils and oceans. The compounds considered in the portal were ozone precursors, greenhouse gases, aerosols and their precursors, organo-halogens, and a few heavy metals. For each of the global and regional inventories, ECCAD provided an access to the emission data files in the NetCDF format, total annual emission data, pre-calculated emission maps for all the species, metadata and documentation on the inventory, and a visualization tool for comparing pre-calculated maps.