Map Display

Display options

  • Color table | Scale linear/log
  • Range Min/Max

Time Series

  • Specific location : click on map
  • Geographic Bounding box : enter latitude and longitude coordinates and press ‘Time Series’
  • HintIf you get no result, reduce either Time period or Bounding box

Add Selection buttonLong time series may take a few seconds to display

Regional analysis

  • Select a regional mask

Existing masks : continents, countries, cities, IMAGE2.4 regions, GFED regions

Map Compare

  • Select second Dataset
  • Choose Arithmetic function
  • Press Map Compare

Time Series

  • Select one or more sectors
  • Select one or more regions
  • Hide items from legend

Campare Dataset

  • All species from one dataset
  • One species/sector/region from all datasets
  • Hint

ECCAD at a glance