Data selection


  • Select items by sequential steps, starting from any item
  • Add selection to cart
    • Add Selection button

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  • Go back at any step using the navigation path
    • Add Selection button
  • Reset to initial state
    • Add Selection button
  • Empty cart or delete one element from cart
    • Add Selection button

    Add Selection button


    Map Display


    • Select file among list
    • Select date/unit/sector

    Display options : Color table | Scale linear/log | Range Min/Max

    Draw time series

    • At a specific location : click on the map
    • Add Selection buttonOver bounding box : enter latitude and longitude coordinate and press ‘Draw Time Series’ buttonunder construction

    Add Selection buttonLong time series may take a few seconds to display

    Regional analysis

    • Select a regional mask

    Existing masks : continents, countries, cities, IMAGE2.4 regions, GFED regions

    Time Series

    • Select one or more sectors
    • Select one or more regions
    • Hide items from legend

    Map Compare

    • Select second Dataset
    • Choose Arithmetic function
    • Press Map Compare

    Data Download

    • NetCDF files
      • 3 options
    • CSV regional analysis files

    ECCAD at a glance