28 July 2020

CAMS-GLOB-TEMPOv2.1 Data Snapshot

Teaser of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service Global Temporal profiles version 2.1. This subset includes monthly temporal factors for industrial emissions, daily temporal factor for NH3 agricultural emissions (2015) and weekly and hourly temporal factors for energy emissions. The files are available in NetCDF4 compressed format at 0.1×0.1 degree resolution. Additional data details are provided in the README.txt file.

Citation for full dataset
Guevara, M., Jorba, O., Tena, C., Denier van der Gon, H., Kuenen, J., Elguindi, N., Darras, S., Granier, C., and Pérez García-Pando, C.: Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service TEMPOral profiles for the Global domain version 2.1 (CAMS-GLOB-TEMPOv2.1), ECCAD,, 2020