Data Download

  • NetCDF files
  • CSV files global and regional (6 regional masks) analysis
  • Download email Hintcheck your Spam folder if you do not received any mail.

Instructions for wget

1- Open the email message you received entitled ‘[ECCAD] Download from …’
2- Copy the File Name (5th line)
3- Copy the download link (URL address)

    • right-click of the mouse on Add Selection button
    • choose the option ‘Copy the URL address’
    • URL_address =

    • right-click of the mouse and paste

4- Open a Terminal and write the following command

wget --no-check-certificate -c -t 0 --timeout=60 --waitretry=300 -O yourFileName URL_address

example :

wget --no-check-certificate -c -t 0 --timeout=60 --waitretry=300 -O https://service...